Weaving Patterns

On this page, you'll find some free patterns for rigid heddle loom weavers.  Unless you are in one of my beginner weaver classes, I'm assumming you already know how to warp your loom, weave with shuttles, use pickup sticks, and secure the beginnings and ends of your project.

If you're a student of mine, or social media friend, you've been directed here for a particular pattern or class.  If problems arise trying to access a pattern or class description, please contact me via email (kpjohnston01@gmail.com) or through Ravelry, Intagram, etc.  I don't monitor this site frequently for messages.

Again... I'm currently loading items onto this site as time allows.


RCAC Weaving Scarf KJohnston2021.pdf


Pattern for beg sampler w pictures.pdf

Pattern for Sampler class (4 pages)

Hem stitch beg and end.pdf
Turning Points Tunic pattern notes.pdf

Pattern notes and schematics for Turning Points Tunic Vest

link for BLUEBERRY SCARF PROJECT placed on FBE site.docx
Beginners 3 color Plaid Scarf.pdf

Pattern for Basic 3-color plaid scarf

Beginners 3 color Plaid Scarf GO TEAM Bal plaid.pdf

Pattern for 3-color Balanced Plaid (Tartan) scarf

Beginners 3 color Plaid Scarf GO TEAM Unbal plaid.pdf

Pattern for 3-color Unbalanced Plaid scarf

December Holiday Table Runner.pdf

Pattern for December Holiday Table Runner

December Holiday Placemats.pdf

Pattern for December Holiday Placemats