Fiber Becomes Ewe is a site in progress.  I'm currently moving items over from an old site as I learn this new one.  Oh my, warping double heddles is easier.  Even the logo, drawn by my mom years ago, uploaded a little wonky.  Still, I'm enjoying sharing my patterns with you and hope they bring you fibery happiness.  Cheers!

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About the designer

My mother taught me as a very young child to knit, sew, weave, embroider, quilt, etc.  It became as natural as climbing trees and jumping in swimming holes.  Yet - as a career - it didn’t hold any fascination for me.  I went into math and science, absolutely loved laboratory work, and eventually found myself happily teaching biology and chemistry for over 30 years.  Along the way, a coworker reintroduced me to knitting and we took several classes together.  Suddenly, the stoic math-science nerd in me found that a subdued fiberista was having a blast.  I met other fiber artisans, one of which sat me down at her spinning wheel with some fluffy fiber and, well, you can guess what happened. Fulling, felting and dyeing also found their places in my life but it was when I encountered my first large loom that something just clicked.  Weaving and designing fabrics, including tapestry, seem to tap into all the right pleasure centers of my brain.  I have even further 'evolved' into raising some creatures - silk worms and angora rabbit - that help supply those fiber needs beyond the generosity of my alpaca, sheep, goat, and cotton friends.  I have even been found doing demos, especially as a 'pioneer woman' preparing fiber, spinning, weaving, and knitting.


I have now retired from classroom teaching and can submerge full time in the fiber arts.  I live with a wonderfully tolerant husband, two dogs, a German Angora rabbit, and occasionally hundreds of silkworms in Georgia near the foothills of the Appalachia.  Each step of this adventure has increased my appreciation for all the hard work, creativity, and love of handcrafts that fiber artisans radiate. Why did it take me over 60 years to find out my mother was right?  Well, about this at least  ;-)

To contact me, please use my business email:  kpjohnston01@gmail.com

I'm also on Ravelry as "kpj" (look for Mr. B.B. the bunny) and on Instagram as "katpjo"

Loving thanks to Ginny, Wanda, Jane, Veronica, Sharon, Leslie and so many other wonderful artisans that put their hand in mine and showed me the way.

May the graciousness of the Lord my God be upon me; prosper the work of my hands; prosper my handiwork. (Ps 90:17ish)

First Fridays Fiberarts

Looking for fellow fiber entusiasts?  Paulding Fine Arts Association hosts the first Friday of each month as a day (11AM-3PM) open to any fiber artisan that wants to drop in and work on their weaving, knitting, crochet, spinning, etc. in a friendly, low-key setting.


Please bring all your own equipment and supplies.  There is no formal instruction, although students in upcoming weaving classes can begin on their project early with the teacher’s help.  Great for those learning how to warp a loom.


PFAA of Dallas, Georgia, is temporarily located east of the courthouse complex on Hwy 278 at Seaboard Drive, near the Ace Hardware and Piece of Heaven Bakery. The address is 105 Village Walk, Suite 181 (around the back side behind the bakery).


Feel free to bring your treats from the Piece of Heaven bakery and coffee shop.  We’re all into getting that fiber fix in multiple ways.